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Two creative kids and their creative mother. Simply a creative family.


Follow our everyday activities and try it at home. This site is designed for all of you, who have small inventors at home, who like to play and create small art masterpieces. The activities I want to show you develop fine children's motor skills, creativity and imagination.

All activities are designed for children from 2 years to children in school age. There will be gradually added tutorials and games for memory exercise, progressive games with a cube you can make yourself, or small puzzles for children and also for you parents. I hope you will find inspiration and entertainment for you and your children on my site.

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Newest activities

Snowdrop ©minicreativity.jpg


Do you know that snowdrops are the very first flowers that bloom under the snow? This is a fun activity with a moment of surprise!

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

Christmas tree

Finally Christmas time!

We always make various decorations with the children.  Let's make Christmas tree together!

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg


With the arrival of winter, children are eagerly awaiting the first snow. But the snow still doesn't and doesn't come. What about that?

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Newest Activity Sheets


Kite and numbers

Cut out all the shapes and assemble the kites according to the template.

Can you assemble all of them?

Color mixing.jpg

Color mixing

What will you get if you mix these two colors? What do you have to ad to get the final color?

Let's have fun with colors today :)

Space Counting.jpg

Space couting

Mission control, are you there?

We have to color the space.

Great matching activity for kids, preschoolers and schoolers.

Fruit trees.jpg

Fruit trees

Can you connect fruits to the right trees? What is your favourite fruit?

Can you add even more fruits to the trees? Coloring full of vitamins! :)

Counting with Fishes.jpg

Couting with fishes

Can you count to seven?

Let's count together and color all the fields with right colors.

Are you curious about the result?

This website full of fun and creative activities for kids was born in March 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Measures taken to prevent the spread of the outbreak affected everybody including the kids. Parents and teachers had to come up with new ways to entertain and educate children at the same time. I realized that my experience with creative activities could help many with managing stress and anxiety.

Our website offers plenty of amazing ideas and projects aimed for curious children. Let's explore the universe, examine dinosaur eggs, find out more about shaving foam and drive away boredom together. Let's check what activities develop and improve fine motor skills. Take your pencils, crayons and scissors and fully enjoy your days. Tutorials and templates are, of course, free.


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