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Snowdrop ©minicreativity.jpg


Do you know that snowdrops are the very first flowers that bloom under the snow? This is a fun activity with a moment of surprise!

Leaf herbarium © minicreativity.jpg

Leaf herbarium

Autumn is here with all its bright colors. The leaves rustle under our feet. Today we are making Leaf herbariums.

Universe ©minicreativity.jpg


The sticker space crew discovers the universe. Kids will squeeze colors sealed in a bag and you don't have to worry about cleaning up.

Hedgehog ©minicreativity.jpg


Days are getting colder and animals are bulding their stores for winter.

Let's help one little hedgehog gather some apples.

Homemade blackboard ©minicreativity.jpg

Homemade blackboard

Parents know how hard it is to entertain kids during rainy days.

I painted a drawer from an old table with blackboard paint.

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg

Flower girl

Run barefoot on the grass, smell the scent of a spring meadow, listen to the wind in the tree tops and put some flowers in your hair.

Fruit inside ©minicreativity.jpg

Fruit inside

Do you know what an apple, kiwi, pineapple or papaya looks like inside? Let's color them and put them together using the template.

Salt universe ©minicreativiy

Salt universe

Mission control, we're landing on Mars in a moment.

Will we encounter aliens?

There's always fun in space.

Dinosaur egg ©minicreativity

Dinosaur Egg

Have you heard?

We have dinosaur eggs for Easter.

It's all about dinosaurs for my son.

Come and make them with us!

aquarium ©minicreativity


Bubble rubble fish
tell me what you wish...

Ever wanted an aquarium?

Make one with your little ones.

Rainy day ©minicreativity

Rainy Day

Rainy day?

Are you forced to stay at home?

​Light up your home and let your children create a smiley.

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

Christmas tree

Finally Christmas time!

We always make various decorations with the children. 

Let's make Christmas tree together!

Amanita ©minicreativity.jpg


A nice colored mushroom that you can't miss in nature. We will make mushrooms. Precisely wonderful colorful amanita.

indian1 ©minicreativity.jpg


Indian headdress is a great activity for children and preschoolers.

We will glue crepe papers and color feathers.

Star cards 0001 ©minicreativity.jpg

Star cards

Create star cards of the most famous constellations with your children and look for them together in the night sky.

Fishing ©minicreativity.jpg

Fish pond

Sun is shining,

let's go fishing!

Fruit_dominoes ©minicreativity.jpg

Fruit dominoes

Let's play this colorful tile-based game today.

Make your own Fruit dominoes with free printables.

Shadow of a dinosaur ©

Shadow of a dinosaur

Roar Roar …

There’s shadow of a dinosaur.

Take you pencils, take your colors,

Let’s trace the dinosaur runners.

LittleRedRidingHood ©minicreativity

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood beware a wolf is coming!

Let the children tell one of the most famous fairy tales.

Smiley cube ©minicreativity

Smiley cube

Make a funny face,

move your eyes and nose!

Blink, grin and smile,

bare your teeth like a crocodile.

Colorful umbrella ©minicreativity

Colorful umbrella

It's raining cats and dogs, but I've got my colorful umbrella!

Take a straw and colors and make rain drops falling on the umbrella.

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg


With the arrival of winter, children are eagerly awaiting the first snow. But the snow still doesn't and doesn't come. What about that?

Rainbow © minicreativity.jpg


A younger sibling has to try everything that an older one does, right? Today we get creative in pairs making rainbows :)

Carrot stamps ©minicreativity.jpg

Carrot stamps

Let's "stamp" the carrot garden.

You will enjoy a lot of fun making it, because stamping is one of the top activities for children.

Secret picture ©minicreativity

Secret picture

This is a fun activity

with a moment of surprise.

Little by little, the child discovers a  hidden picture using watercolors.

Bee ©minicreativity


Bzzz bzzz! 

Will you help me make some honey? In fact, do you know how do bees make honey?

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg


Tick tock ...

There is a simple way to help your kid understand the analog time display.

Memory game ©minicreativity

Memory Game

Circle, square, triangle and oval.

Learn geometric shapes with your kids during a game.

And don't forget to have fun!

Marble egg ©minicreativity

Marble Egg

We wil make marble egg today.

It will involve a dad :)

If he wouldn't want to, he will just lend us shaving foam.

Singing rabbit ©minicreativity

Singing Rabbit

Easter is comming.

Grab a piece of paper and scissors.

Today's program - singing rabbits :)

Egg cup ©minicreativity

Egg Cup

Humpty dumpty sa on the table,
humpty dumpty had a great handle.
But It didn't fall nor break its shell.

it tasted very well...that I can tell.

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