Kite and numbers

Cut out all the shapes and assemble the kites according to the template.

Can you assemble all of them?

Color mixing.jpg

Color mixing

What will you get if you mix these two colors? What do you have to ad to get the final color?

Let's have fun with colors today :)

Space Counting.jpg

Space Counting

Mission control, are you there?

We have to color the space.

Great matching activity for kids, preschoolers and schoolers.

Fruit trees.jpg

Fruit trees

Can you connect fruits to the right trees? What is your favourite fruit?

Can you add even more fruits to the trees? Coloring full of vitamins! :)

Counting with Fishes.jpg

Counting with fishes

Can you count to seven?

Let's count together and color all the fields with right colors.

Are you curious about the result?

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