Carrot stamps


Do you want to crate a garden with your children in which you can play even during rainy days? You will enjoy a lot of fun making it, because stamping is one of the top activities for children. In addition, they will practice motor skills and the right grip. Let's "stamp" the carrot garden together.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. white paper

  2. tempera paints

  3. stamps made of cardboard or hardened polystyrene 

  4. sponges for dishes

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Soil in the garden

Soak the sponge in a brown tempera color and press to color the whole paper. Let the children get "muddy" and simply enjoy the activity.

Carrot stamps ©minicreativity.jpg.jpg

Carrot Stamp

Stamp carrot greens and orange carrots

Soak a stamp in the shape of carrot greens in green color and press it on the paper.

Then soak the carrot-shaped stamp in orange and press it under the carrot greens.

Apply multiple times to create the whole garden full of carrots.

Carrot stamps ©minicreativity.jpg.jpg


Let's add some insects

Want even more fun for your kids?

Give them stickers :)

Decorate the garden with cute ladybird stickers. You can choose what ever sticker you can find. Bees, ants, butterflies. 

Carrot stamps ©minicreativity.jpg

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