Christmas tree


Finally Christmas! The most beautiful time of the year. We always make various decorations with the children. We try to conjure up a cozy festive atmosphere at home. We bake honey cakes. Christmas decorations appear very soon in our home. Wondering why? Well, because we just love Christmas with the kids. The perfect time to enjoy family well-being.


Topics for discussion with children:

When and why do we celebrate Christmas? Is Christmas celebrated on the same day around the world? What are your favorite christmas traditions? What christmas books do you read together during the christmas holidays? What are your favorite christmas cakes? Do you bake together? Do you sing carols? Do you listen to christmas songs? What kind of the christmas tree do you have at home?

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. leaves

  2. tempera paints

  3. watercolors

  4. paper confetti

  5. glue

  6. christmas stickers

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

Green leaves

Let's paint

Paint the leaf from the bottom with green paint.

This way, the veins in the leaf are better pressed and a nice pattern is created for us.

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

Christmas tree

Let's stamp

Place the leaf the painted side down on top of the paper.

Repeat the process until you create a triangular shape of a coniferous tree.

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

Christmas decorations

Let's decorate the Christmas tree

Use a hole punch and colored papers to create multi-colored paper confetti. Thos is an excellent exercise for children's handles. We will train fine children's motor skills a little more. Apply small drops of glue to the tree and place paper confetti on them. Christmas decoration is ready :)

You can complete the picture with christmas stickers. Prepare a hot cocoa or tea and read some of the beautiful christmas stories together. Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree © minicreativity.jpg

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Smiley cube ©minicreativity

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indian1 ©minicreativity.jpg


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