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Tick tock ...

There is a simple way to help your child understand the analog time display. Make your own custom paper clock to make the learning easier. Does your child like space, dinosaurs or fairies? Chose the theme according to your kid's preferences. Assign time periods to activities during the day or just let them color the clock as they want. Encourage your child's creativity.


Topics for discussion with children:

What time is it? How many hours does a day have? Why does the clock have 12 instead of 24 hours? What is an analog clock? What does the little clock hand show? What does the big clock hand show? How many times a day do the small and large hands rotate around the clock? Why do we need hours? Why do we measure time?

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. two papers (different colors)

  2. scissors

  3. glue

  4. beads and string

  5. stickers with numbers (optional)

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

The clock

We'll start with the clock

Draw a circle or copy the outline of the plate onto a piece of paper and cut it out. Or let your child do it with safety scissors. It's fine if the final product has a somewhat organic shape ;)

Glue a finished clock onto a paper with a contrast color.

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

1 2 3 4 5

Time for numbers

Use number stickers

The kids are always happy when they can put the stickers everywhere and they even train their fingers and fine motor skills. 


Write dots on the clock face where the stickers belong. Older kids know the order of the numbers.

You can help the smaller ones or play with assigning.

Draw the numbers or a few dots and they will assign according to what they see.

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

The orbit of the moon

 It's time for children's imagination

Mission control, there's a spaceship landing in two. And there's a moon orbiting the clock planet following the yellow trajectory I just draw. Do you see it?

We've encountered aliens on five and there's a space traffic jam around number four. 

There's always fun in space. :D

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

Clock hands

What clock would it be without hands?

Cut out 2 hands (longer and shorter) from a firm material. Use a perforator to make holes. Pull the twine through a bead, put on the hands and shove it through the clock. Don't forget to secure it thoroughly using a duct tape.

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

It's five to two

Telling the time

Mum, how much more can we play?

And when will we go to the playground?

I don't have to go to sleep yet, it's not that late? :)

Now's maybe the right time to explain why the clocks tick and why the hands keep chasing each other.

Mom, the longer hand had eaten and slept more since it grew more? 

I have some explaining to do and you have lots of fun with kids!

Clock ©minicreativity.jpg

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