Dinosaur egg


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How strong can you blow?

Inflate the balloon.

Inflating can be difficult for children. Better help them.

Tie the balloon to prevent it from blowing out after inflation. Make a knot.

Dinosaur egg © minicreativity


Glue everywhere

Carefully stick kitchen or toilet paper on the balloon.

Use glue mixed with water (eg Hercules). It will go fast and easy with a flat brush.

Dinosaur egg © minicreativity


We are painting a dinosaur egg

After drying, paint the egg. Use your creativity. It's really big, isn't it?

Dinosaur egg © minicreativity

All done

Time to deflate the balloon

Now, you can crack or deflate the balloon you used to create the shell. Even dinosaurs from Jurassic Park would envy your dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur egg © minicreativity
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Have you heard? We have dinosaur eggs for Easter. It's all about dinosaurs for my son.