Amanita ©minicreativity.jpg


A nice colored mushroom that you can't miss in nature. We will make mushrooms. Precisely wonderful colorful amanita.

Fishing ©minicreativity.jpg


Sun is shining,

let's go fishing!

What do you say?

Fruit_dominoes ©minicreativity.jpg

Fruit dominoe

Let's play tile-based game today.
Make your own Fruit dominoes with free printables.

Memory game © minicreativity

Memory Game

Circle, square, triangle and oval.

Learn geometric shapes with your kids during a game.

And don't forget to have fun!

Smiley cube © minicreativity

Smiley cube

Make a funny face,

move your eyes and nose!

Blink, grin and smile,

bare your teeth like a crocodile.

Colorful umbrella © minicreativity

Colorful umbrella

It's raining cats and dogs, but I've got my colorful umbrella!

Take a straw and colors and make rain drops falling on the umbrella.

Rainbow © minicreativity.jpg


A younger sibling has to try everything that an older one does, right? Today we get creative in pairs making rainbows :)

Bee ©minicreativity This activity is designed to raise questions about bees and honey making. It encourages children to play outside and explore nature, observe and ask and give some tips how everyone can help saving bees. And you parents, get ready to answer those questions :) In fact, did you know that honey is the only food made by insect that is eaten by us humans and the insect itself?


Bzzz bzzz! 

Do you know how much bee work is needed to make 1 teaspoon?

Fly with me, I will show you.

Fruit inside ©minicreativity.jpg

Fruit inside

Do you know what an apple, kiwi, pineapple or papaya looks like inside? Let's color them and put them together using the template.

Salt universe © minicreativity

Salt universe

Mission control, we're landing on Mars in a moment.

Will we encounter aliens?

There's always fun in space.

Singing rabbit © minicreativity

Singing Rabbit

Easter is comming.

Grab a piece of paper and scissors.

Today's program - singing rabbits :)

Egg cup © minicreativity

Egg Cup

Humpty dumpty sa on the table,
humpty dumpty had a great handle.
But It didn't fall nor break its shell.

it tasted very well...that I can tell.

Star cards ©minicreativity.png

Star Cards

Create star cards of the most famous constellations with your children and look for them together in the night sky.

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg

Flower girl

Run barefoot on the grass, smell the scent of a spring meadow, listen to the wind in the tree tops and put some flowers in your hair.

Shadow of a dinosaur ©

Shadow of a dinosaur

Roar Roar …

there’s shadow of a dinosaur.

Take you pencils, take your colors,

Let’s trace the dinosaur runners.

Little Red Riding Hood © minicreativity

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood beware a wolf is coming!

Let the children tell one of the most famous fairy tales.

Aquarium © minicreativity


Bubble rubble fish
tell me what you wish...

Ever wanted an aquarium?

Make one with your little ones.

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