Flower girl


Run barefoot on the grass, smell the scent of a spring meadow, listen to the wind in the tree tops and put some flowers in your hair. Let's make flower girls today!

Color a little girl and go outside. Enjoy the time with your kids and pick some flowers together.

Let their imagination and creativity run free to create unique flower girls using different flowers each time. Take pictures and put them in the family picture album to remember this time together.

Instructions can be found here. This outdoor creative activity for children encourages them to play outside and explore nature in a playful way.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. paper template - Flower girl

  2. color-box

  3. flowers

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg


Color pencils, crayons, watercolors, markers

Print the template Flower girl on A4 paper.

Take color pencils, crayons, markers and color the pictures with your children.

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg


Barefoot in the grass

Enjoy some time outdoors with your little kids. Run barefoot on the grass, smell the scent of a spring meadow, listen to the wind in the tree tops.

And most of all pick some beautiful flowers.

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg

Daisies, dandelions, primroses

Which one is your favourite?

Put flowers in the little girl's hair.​

Put some on the paper meadow, on her skirt or even in her hand.

It's up to you how you complete the picture.

Flower_girl ©minicreativity.jpg

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