Fruit dominoes


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You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. paper template - Fruit dominoes

  2. color-box

  3. scissors



Color pencils, crayons, watercolors, markers

Print the template Fruit dominoes on A4 paper.

Take color pencils, crayons, markers and color the pictures with your children according to the template.

Fruit_dominoes ©minicreativity.jpg


Now it's time for scissors

Cut out the domino pieces on black lines.

Bigger children can do it on their own using safety scissors.

You can help little ones.

Fruit_dominoes ©minicreativity.jpg


What are we going to play today? Dominoes!

  1. Mix up the dominoes and place them face down.

  2. Each player takes 4 dominoes from the pile. Remember - don’t show dominoes to anyone! 

  3. Youngest player goes first and lays down a domino.

  4. The next person has to lay down a domino with a picture that matches one that’s already there.

  5. If a player can’t go he or she picks up from the pile and miss his or her turn.

  6. The first player to get rid of all dominoes announces - Domino!  This is a winner.

  7. Play until all dominoes are gone.

Fruit_dominoes ©minicreativity.jpg

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