We will make Native American headdress today. Get ready for the children enthusiastically running around your apartment screaming "Uauauauaaaa". And if you're not scared, help them build an Indian tee pee from blankets and pillows, sit cross-legged on the ground and play with them. We will entangle braids, glue crepe papers and color feathers.

Native American headbands are a great activity for young children and preschoolers. Children will practice skills and fine children's motor skills in a playful way. The headband made by the children motivates them to a pretend play during which you can talk together about the native Americans and their traditions and culture.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. white paper strip

  2. crepe papers in different colors

  3. glue 

  4. brown knitting wool

  5. rubber band

  6. paper feathers

indian2 ©minicreativity.jpg

Crepe paper

Let's make colorful paper strips

Cut a 6 cm wide strip from the white paper and fold it lengthwise.

In the middle, cut off the upper part 12 cm long.

Thread brown wool braids on both sides.

Cut 2 cm wide strips of crepe paper and stick them side by side on the lower part of the headband. When the entire bottom part is filled with strips, apply the glue to the upper side and flip it on to the lower part.

indian3 ©minicreativity.jpg

Colorful feathers

Crayons, wax crayons, let's color

Color the paper feathers.

Let the children create their own color combinations.

There are no limits to fantasy.

indian4 ©minicreativity.jpg


The Indians are comming

Stick colored feathers on the headband.

Make holes at both ends.

Thread the rubber band through the holes and tie it so that the circumference of the headband fits on the child's head.

indian1 ©minicreativity.jpg

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