Leaf herbarium


Autumn is here with all its bright colors. The leaves rustle under our feet. The wind smells like countless scents. And the foggy rainy days are balanced by an incredible range of vibrant colors from yellow, through orange, to deep red.

When you will go jumping in puddles with your children, be sure to bring a collection of leaves, chestnuts, birch fruits or branches of a rowanberry with you. Simply all the treasures that autumn nature offers us.

Today we are making Leaf herbariums.

This autumn craft combines external and internal activities. It encourages kids to stay outside in the fresh air and explore the  nature in a playful way. Through the making of leaf herbariums, children assign the right leaves and fruits to the right trees.

In a playful way, they create their natural database of trees based on their own natural finds.


This autumn activity will entertain young schoolchildren and preschoolers. But it is also suitable for small children. Leaf herbariums support the interest in nature, its exploration and knowledge.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1.  templates with lineart for various trees

  2. watercolors

  3. leaves, acorns, chestnutsand and other

  4. glue

Leaf herbarium © minicreativity.jpg


Let's color the leaves

Color the templates for each tree.

Help yourself with leaves found outside in nature, children's books, or photos from your nature walks.

Leaf herbarium © minicreativity.jpg


Let's play the matching game

Match the found leaves according to the template.

Can you identify them all correctly?

Leaf herbarium © minicreativity.jpg


Let's add colorful paper fruits

Cut the fruits from the paper. Once again, help yourself with your found treasures. And, with the help of books, also model those that you have not been able to find in your area.

Leaf herbarium © minicreativity.jpg

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