Marble egg


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You will need

What to prepare on the table

- paper eggs

- shaving foam in container

- ink
- dropper

- stick

- ruler

Marble egg © minicreativity

Barber in action

How to make funny use of shaving foam?

Spray the shaving foam onto a tray or small baking tray. Daddy will surely be surprised. After all, the kiddo has time before it will start shaving regularly.

Marble egg © minicreativity

Dripping colors

Yellow, blue, red, green, ...

Drip different color inks onto a thicker layer of foam. Just a few drops.

Marble egg © minicreativity


The joy of mixing the colours will surprise you

Gently stir the surface of the foam with a straw, a stick or a pencil. The colors create a cappuccino pattern from a first-class café. Mix only for a moment so that the colors do not spill into a grey mass.

Marble egg © minicreativity

Egg in spa

Priceless procedure

Place the paper eggs on the foam and press with your fingers. Remove the colored egg.

Marble egg © minicreativity

Wiping out

Patience brings marble eggs

Wipe out all the foam from the egg with a ruler. Pulling and pressing the ruler creates a marble pattern.

Marble egg © minicreativity
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We wil make marble egg today. It will involve a dad :) or jus his shawing foam.