A younger sibling has to try everything that an older one does, right? I am sure you know it.

They are attracted by the same toys, the same books. The younger one wants to be just as tall, be the same age. Cut with "big" scissors, glue with glue. He or she wants to do everything just like a older one who is a role model.

So what about an activity in which both children have fun? Where the older one teaches the younger one. And the younger one can repeat everything the older one does. And the final work of art is the result of a cheerful collaboration. Today we get creative in pairs :)

Rainbow is an excellent activity for siblings or twins. But every small child or preschooler will have fun.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. printable template Rainbow

  2. crepe papers in 6 colors

  3. colored papers in 6 colors 

  4. scissors

  5. glue


Colored scraps

Let's practice fine motor skills

First, tear strips of colored paper approximately 2 cm wide.

With this activity children train the position of the thumb against the first two fingers and at the same time the correct movement of the hand. And even simultaneously in opposite directions, one hand to each other and the other to each other.

Now tear the strips into smaller pieces


Colorful arches

Let's play with colors

Children assign colors to individual arcs according to the Rainbow template. The older sibling sticks the papers on one side of the rainbow and the younger on the other.


Crepe paper

Let's add colorful paper strips

Now it's time to glue the strips of colored crepe paper in the right places. Again, perfect assignment activity for children.



Let's make a smiley face

Each child sticks their own puff and the work is done.

So how did you like the cooperation?


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Rainy day

Rainy day?

Are you forced to stay at home?

​Light up your home and let your children create a smiley.

Smiley cube ©minicreativity

Smiley cube

Make a funny face,

move your eyes and nose!

Blink, grin and smile,

bare your teeth like a crocodile.

indian1 ©minicreativity.jpg


Indian headdress is a great activity for children and preschoolers.

We will glue crepe papers and color feathers.

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