Rainy day


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You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. paper clouds (smaler and bigger)

  2. scissors

  3. watercolor

  4. ribbons

  5. paper rain drops

Rainy day © minicreativity


Color pencils, crayons, watercolors

Take out your pencils, crayons, watercolors, brushes.

Cut out a big cloud and let them color it as they want.

When it's ready, put it aside to dry. 

While the kids are painting, cut out one more cloud, bigger than the first one.

Rainy day © minicreativity


Let's glue some ribbons

Cut several fabric ribbons (if not available, paper strips will do). Play with the width of the ribbon, cut various sizes.

Make a knot on each end, so they won't unweave.

Put some glue onto the top endings and stick them to the bigger cloud.

Don't forget to clap your hands, do you hear thunders?

Rainy day © minicreativity

Possible precipitation

Rain drops

A light spring rain or a thunderstorm, what's it gonna be?

Cut out drops of various sizes and attach them to the ribbons. Let the kids decide how long it's going to rain and how much.

Rainy day © minicreativity

Gluing again

Little cloud face

If the first cloud is dry (if not take a blow dryer and blow dry it) glue it into the middle of the bigger one.

Be careful to cover all the places, where the ribbons are attached.

Rainy day © minicreativity

Raining outside? Never mind :)

Cloudy smiley

Finish the cloud as you wish

- big curious eyes

- wide smile

- little clouds)

And now put on your Wellington boots, open up the umbrellas and dance by the rain in the living room. It's raining men! Rain is not that bad, is it?

Rainy day © minicreativity
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