Secret picture


This is a fun activity with a moment of surprise! And what can be better than a pleasantly surprised child?

This activity is designed to raise curiosity and a desire to know and discover. It encourages children to play and explore in a playful way. So let's surprise them and have fun!

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. white paper

  2. white wax crayon

  3. water colors

  4. brush


Hidden painting

Let's surprise your child

Paint a hidden line art picture using a white wax crayon.

Press firmly while drawing with white wax crayon.


Big reveal

Let's find the hidden picture

Encourage your child to discover a hidden picture using watercolors.

Soak the brush in water and watercolor. Paint the entire image with watercolors. The white wax will be water repellent and the image will show bit by bit.


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