Shadow of a dinosaur


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Roar Roar …

there’s shadow of a dinosaur.

Take you pencils, take your colors,

let’s trace the dinosaur runners.


This activity is designed to show children the movement of the sun's rays and shadow in a fun way. It raises further questions in children and, in the form of an experiment, explains the relation between the length and orientation of the shadow with respect to the movement of the Sun during the day.


So get ready for interesting questions and make some research and prepare an explanation for your kids. Because learning through play is the best way to really understand and remember things.

 Please impress on the kids that it is dangerous to look directly at the Sun.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. paper template - Shadow of a dinosaur

  2. color-box

  3. scissors

  4. glue

Shadow of a dinosaur ©


Color pencils, crayons, watercolors, markers

Print the template Shadow of a dinosaur on A4 paper.

Take color pencils, crayons, markers and color the template.

Cut out the coloured template.

Shadow of a dinosaur ©

Bending ang gluing

The dinosaur needs a base

Bend the paper original on the dashed lines so that the base faces forward. 

(this way, the base will not interfere with drawn shadows)

Apply glue to the bottom side of the base.

Glue the dinosaur on the bottom of the new paper.

Shadow of a dinosaur ©


How the shadow of a dinosaur changes during the day

Stick the paper to the floor and draw the shadow at various times of day.

Watch how the shadow stretches, and explain why, to your kids.

Did it cause a surprise and oad of questions at your home as well?

Shadow of a dinosaur ©

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