With the arrival of winter, children are eagerly awaiting the first snow. The sledge is ready, the carrot for the snowman in a backpack and the dry gloves in the pockets of the jackets. But the snow still doesn't and doesn't come. What about that? All you need is a little paper, scissors and it's already snowing right in our living room. And so, while my little kids carefully cut out the paper snowflakes, I cook cocoa cause it's always perfect in winter :).


Topics for discussion with children:

How does snow form? Why doesn't it snow in the summer? Who, according to stories, brings the first snow? Are all snowflakes the same, or is each different? Why is the snow melting? Is the snow really white?

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. paper

  2. scissors

  3. white thread

  4. duck tape

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Note papers


Do your parents have a stack of papers on their desk to write down all the important things that need to be done during the day? Ask them for a few sheets. Now, we can get into folding.

Carefully fold the paper square diagonally so that the paper corner is exactly on the opposite corner. Bend the resulting triangle in half again so that the opposite corners meet each other. And do it again :)

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg

Piece of a snowflake


Draw the parts you will cut out on the paper triangle.

And now it's time to take the baby's scissors and carefully cut out the holes. Cut slowly. Be sure to cut through all layers of paper.

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg



Carefully unfold the paper gradually until a beautiful snowflake appears in front of you. And do you know what is amazing? Each is completely different and unique. Just like the snowflakes behind the window :).

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg



Cut out a cloud from a larger paper. Then cut different lengths of white thread. Stick one end to the back of the snowflake and the other to the back of the cloud.

You can hang the finished cloud with flakes on the window. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: :).

Snowflake © minicreativity.jpg

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With the arrival of winter, children are eagerly awaiting the first snow. Let's make paper snowflake