Star Cards


This activity combines creative art and outdoor experiences in the fresh air under a starry sky. Create star cards of the most famous constellations with your children and look for them together in the night sky.

You will need

What to prepare on the table

  1. free template Star Cards

  2. small and big stars cut out of yellow paper

  3. glue

  4. ear cleaners

Star cards 0003 ©minicreativity.jpg

Prepare Cards

Free download template

Print the template Star Cards

You can use the template and cut it into 6 cards, or you can transfer the constellations onto the blue paper cards.

Star cards ©minicreativity.png


Let's glue some paper stars

Cut out small and big stars from yellow paper.

Using an ear cleaner, apply a drop of glue to the star and stick it on the dotted areas. Little dots are for little stars and big dots for big stars.

Star cards 0002 ©minicreativity.jpg

Night sky

Let's find the constellations together

Take the Star Cards with you and enjoy a wonderfull evening under the starry sky.

Try to find the star constellations with your children.

Star cards 0001 ©minicreativity.jpg

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